How to prepare a doghouse for winter

As soon as temperatures approach freezing, we must prepare the doghouse for the arrival of winter. How to prepare your dog's doghouse for winter should be decided when building or purchasing your doghouse. Above all, it must be the right size, it must be double-chambered and it must have sufficient insulation.

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Here are the basic parameters, which every doghouse should have

  • Raised floor at the entrance of the doghouse (this will ensure that cold air do not enter by the floor into the doghouse).
  • Insulated interior partition (this will guarantee even greater thermal insulation and thermal comfort for your dog).
  • Insulated roof (the roof must be tucked into the dog house like a lid. This guarantees a perfect seal).
  • Doghouse standing feets (these will create a space between the bottom of the doghouse and the floor).
  • and more important insulated walls and floor.

Indoor litter

Litter is very important for a dog in winter. As suitable litter we recommend natural litter for dogs, a suitable material is straw. In winter, the dog will make his bed in this litter, which will help him maintain his body heat. Bedding should be changed during the winter depending on wear. It is also possible to buy a dog bed. It must be made of materials that do not retain moisture and mold.

Cover the entrance

One of the most important things you can do to winterize a doghouse is to cover the doghouse entrance with the appropriate material. We do not recommend a PVC curtain, you can use an old carpet or a blanket that you attach to the entrance. The entrance curtain prevents cold air from entering directly into the doghouse and is therefore a very useful tool for increasing the thermal comfort of your dog in winter.

Heating the doghouse

If you have an elderly or sick dog, you may want to consider heating the doghouse. But the heating element must have sufficient power. It’s not good if the heating element has too much power (over 80W for larger dog houses). The difference between the temperature in the dog house and the outside temperature is then too great. The heating element must also be protected by a cover so that the dog cannot touch the element (already temperatures around 60°C can burn a dog).

Health problems

If the dog is exposed to extreme temperature variations, it does not develop its proper winter coat. It’s the same when you take the dog home in the evening and during the day you leave it in the garden in winter. Without a suitable dog house, this part of the day when you are not at home may not survive.

If you are not sure

Generally speaking, when temperatures are close to 0°C, you should consider whether your dog can tolerate low temperatures. If you are not sure – it is better to offer him a warm place in your house.

Also, don’t forget to feed him with a quality food before and during the winter season. Thanks to it, the dog can create its good winter coat.

Our range of insulated dog houses

Solid wood doghouse, insulated with interior partition. Small dogs (weight: 4 to 14 kg) Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Fox Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, West Highland White Terrier…


Solid wood doghouse, insulated with interior partition. Medium and large dogs (weight: 15 to 40 kg) Pit Bull Terrier, Shepherds, Malinois, Boxer, Dalmatian, Retriever, Labrador, Rottweiler…


Solid wood dog house, insulated with internal partition. For large and very large dogs (weight: more than 40 kg) Dogue, Saint-Bernard, Mastiff, Leonberg…



If you are not sure whether your dog is resistant to extreme temperatures, do not leave him outside, even if he has a quality insulated doghouse. Small breed dogs such as Yorkshire, Chihuahua and many others are not suitable for living outside in winter!

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