Nest boxes – what you need to know

They replace natural hollows, which are constantly decreasing due to "human labor".

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What are nest boxes for?

They replace natural hollows, which are constantly decreasing due to “human labor”. Birds nest in them, sleep, hiding in bad weather. In the nest boxes, the birds lay their eggs and sit for two to three weeks. Until babies come into the world and are feeded by their parents until they can live on their own.

Where and how to place the nest box?

Nest boxes should be placed so that wind and rain do not penetrate them. The opening should face south, southeast or southwest. Even the sun is not good for nest boxes and the birds inside.

It is important to place the nest box so that enemies cannot endanger it, such as cats, etc.

In parks and gardens

Parks and gardens are perfect for hanging nest boxes and we look for quiet, secluded spots. In forests, it is necessary to select areas without natural hollows. The southern borders of forests are suitable. It is advisable to have enough undergrowth to provide food for the birds.

Without damaging the tree

It is necessary to hang the nest box without damaging the tree. If we use nails to attach the birdhouse, take into account the quantity of nails and screws. Tighten them with the tip facing up so that water does not harm the wound on the tree. In all cases, the nest box must be stable so as not to tip over or fall.

The height depends for which birds

The height at which the nest box is placed is also important. It depends on what species of bird we have chosen the nest box for. For example – for tits 1 to 7 m above the ground, for owls 3 to 20 m… Birds don’t know “meter”, so if they have no other choice, they occupy the nest boxes at a different height.

0 - 5 m
0 - 6 m
Thrush, Gray Wagtail, Hoopoe
1 - 2 m
1 - 7 m
3 - 25 m
3 - 20 m
8 - 25 m

Avoid gardens that are regularly chemically treated

Of course, we will not attract birds with nest boxes in regularly chemically treated gardens. We would hurt them and their babies. A well-built and treated nest box lasts 10 years or more.

When to hang up a birdhouse?

The best time to hang up the nest box is fall. In winter they are used for overnight stays. Winter or spring hanging of nest boxes should be completed in early March, before the birds arrive from their winter area. Even our birds, like tits and sparrows, already choose their nest in March.

Nest box needs to be cleaned

Nest boxes should be opened so they can be cleaned. They are cleaned after the end of the season (September, October) and before the season – at the beginning of spring (February). Everything must be removed, fleas, mites, ants, beetles, dead young, etc. – including the old nest.

Also remove any old buildings of hornets, wasps and bumblebees. Breasts, sparrows and nuthatches, which spent the night in our nest boxes, will certainly be delighted. Spring cleaning prepares the nest box for the new season. Checking and cleaning nest boxes twice a year is sufficient.

The uncleaned nest boxes will be about half occupied next year! The third year is only about a tenth.

What can you find in the nest box?

We find in the nest boxes all the materials for building nests. Near human habitation we can often find threads, wool, plastic, cotton, etc.

We can also discover that instead of birds, the squirrel, the bat… It is good to leave the nest as it is to its inhabitants and to hang a new nest box there.

Nest box for tits and other small wild birds allowing birds to take refuge during the winter and for brooding.


Nest box for blackbirds, song thrushes and other wild birds allowing birds to take refuge and for brooding. Blackbird, Wagtail and Thrush are mainly looking for a support to build their nest. The nest boxes will therefore be of the “open” type.

45 55 

Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Nest box for barn owls for shelter and brooding.

230 245 

Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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