Nest box KESTREL

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Nest box for common kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)

  • Nest box installation: wall / tree
  • Solid wood – Pine th. 18 mm
  • Sustainable
  • Available colors: light oak, dark oak, natural wood
  • 2 years warranty
  • Delivery: 2 weeks


Nest box for Common Kestrel allow to take refuge and for brooding. This is why the birdhouse should not be missing in your garden.

Apart from kestrels, kestrels and peregrines, diurnal raptors are not cave-dwelling and do not occupy nest boxes. However, we can promote their nesting by offering them an open type nest box.

To be placed in fairly open places, at the edge of the forest or at the edge of a hedge. The higher the better.

Before placement, fill the nest box up to the edge of the front wall with densely packed dry grass – it will be more attractive to the kestrel! Over time, the grass will turn into litter, but it should not rot in any way (wet or has absorbed too much water – discard the material and replace it with a new one). In our experience, it is not necessary to replace this material with a new one at the end of each season, but it is advisable to check and top it up every year if its thickness decreases the edge (may also be checked with binoculars).

About Common Kestrel

Courtship displays begin at the end of February until March. During courtship displays, Kestrels engage in aerial pursuits which can be very noisy.

Kestrels do not build their nests themselves. They nest in old magpies ‘or crows’ nests, in crevices in walls, trees or rocks. Sometimes they nest in towers, old attics or bell towers.

Nest box installation for Kestrel:

Installation on a wall or a tree. Installation hardware is included. Where and how to place the nest box?


What you need to know about nest boxes / birdhouses

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 30 cm

Dark brown, Light brown, Natural wood – untreated


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