Best materials for building a dog house

What material to use for building a dog house. To ensure your dog has the right conditions for a happy and healthy life.

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The dog's health comes first, not the price of the dog house

Purchasing a good doghouse is an investment. I deliberately do not use the word expense. Indeed, by purchasing a good doghouse you are primarily investing in the health and safety of your dog. Veterinary treatments are often more expensive than a quality dog kennel.

Don’t worry ! A good doghouse is a good investment over several years. If you buy a good doghouse for your dog from the start and take care of it properly, it will last for decades. “Cheap” doghouses generally do not survive the warranty period.

Do you think about nature?

By buying a dog, you show that you love nature. Is walking with a dog in nature essential? Say, wasn’t that one of the reasons you bought your dog?

If you are a nature lover, you should definitely consider nature. Even when you buy something like a dog house. This means, for example, that you don’t even consider buying a plastic dog house. A number of articles have been written about how harmful plastics are to our lives and the lives of animals – nature. This is one of the main environmental themes of today. Therefore, I definitely do not recommend this material.

What is the correct material to build a dog house?

We come to the choice of material. What material is needed for a suitable dog house? We generally have a choice:

  • metal (iron, sheet metal, aluminum, etc.)
  • masonry (stone, brick, precast concrete, etc.)
  • wood (and wood-derived products)

Metal is not a suitable material for building a dog house

Metal, iron, etc. are not suitable for building dog houses. The main reason is its minimal insulating power. Additionally, metal is a good conductor of temperature. That is to say, the temperature on one side of the metal sheet is the same temperature on the other side, in a very short time. In summer, the sun heats the metal, even if you use additional insulation – there is a risk of getting burned.

A brick dog house

Yes why not ! Just keep in mind that a brick doghouse for your dog is essentially a house. It is not enough to lay one brick on top of the other, you have to think about insulation, ventilation and heating for the winter, etc. It may happen that your dog lives in humidity, mold and in winter, he freezes. When building a brick doghouse, you must follow the same principles as when building a family house. This will require experts, experienced builders!

The wooden dog house is the optimal solution

The oldest building material is undoubtedly wood. It has many advantages and disadvantages. For our purposes, it is above all its advantages which make wood the best suited material for the construction of dog houses.

There is wood and wood

Today, we have a variety of wooden materials for building doghouses. Solid wood, glued particle boards, OSB boards, plywood, laminated boards etc. The choice is really vast and the aim of this article is not to focus on each type. However, I want to help you orient yourself better. So that you can buy or build a very good dog house for your dog, without having to regret it later.

If you think about it, you’ll find that it’s basically two groups. Solid wood and products made from wood or waste in the process of its processing. This material consists of sawdust, grafts and other residues treated afterward chemically and mechanically. By adding a binder, an adhesive, they are then pressed into sheets of different sizes and thicknesses.

Considering that these panels are made from wood residue, the price is usually lower than the price of solid wood. You may think that this is a good argument for the choice of materials for dog house construction. In this case, be wary of the adhesive mentioned! Is it respectful of the environment and health? What about its vapors, aren’t they toxic? What will happen in summer, when the sun shines and warms your dog’s house? Won’t the vapors be more intense?

Water and humidity are the weak points of chipboards

Another disadvantage of these panels is their resistance to water and humidity. You can also buy moisture-resistant chipboards in specialized stores. Generally, these panels are not as strong in the cut. Think about how to protect the cutting edges from moisture or water.

Water and humidity are weak points of chipboard panels, OSB panels, etc. If you do not protect the panels and cuts, and allow them to ventilate continuously, you risk mold growth and many construction problems.

You also can’t help yourself by using the plates exclusively inside the dog house. Your dog will get into his wet dog house and the water will be rich enough to cause trouble. Likewise, humidity in the air causes these problems too.

If you decide to use this material to build a doghouse for your dog, you should definitely consult an expert to avoid these problems. You will have to use the technology used to build modern wooden houses, which will certainly be reflected in the price of a dog house and the complexity of its construction.

Solid wood - the obvious choice

If you have thought about the previous text up to here, it will be clear to you that a solid wood dog house will be the best choice.

The wood itself already has basic insulation. Of course, it depends on its thickness. Wood is a material that “lives”, works based on temperature and humidity – nature has arranged it. Therefore, it is necessary to follow certain work rules during the construction of the dog house.

There are different types of wood that we can use and are easily available in our conditions. It is primarily spruce or pine wood. Hardwoods such as beech, oak, etc., as well as exotic woods, are already too expensive. Using hardwood to make a doghouse seems unsuitable for nature. Quite simply, because these tree species have been growing for decades and their wood is rare.

On the other hand, spruces and pines are trees that grow quite quickly. In addition, if we choose wood labeled PEFC, we know that we are not harming nature.

What is PEFC?

Logo de PEFC

This abbreviation refers to wood and wood products from significantly managed forests. PEFC stands for “Program for the Endorsment of Forest Certification Systems”.

One of the main goals of PEFC forest certification is to preserve and expand forests. So that we and future generations can benefit from the environmental, social and economic benefits that forests offer while maintaining a responsible approach to forest ecosystems and respect for nature.

Wood paneling is easier to use

For solid wood dog houses, wooden planks and wood paneling are best suited. They are aesthetic and easy to use.

The wood paneling is already planed in the factory and fitted with tongue and groove locks. This allows the wood to function while preventing wind penetration and heat loss.

Wooden boards do not have tongue and groove locks. You must overlap or sew them to prevent wind and water penetration. Additionally, you need to sand or plan them. You don’t want your dog to get hurt.

The thickness of the paneling or wooden planks must be at least 18 MM. All this provides basic protection against wind and cold. Of course, the stronger the boards, the better the insulation of your dog house.

We place the paneling and boards horizontally to prevent water from entering the doghouse!

How to insulate a dog house?

Wooden planks or paneling alone are not enough for optimal insulation of the doghouse in cold weather. Then, your dog will not be able to heat his kennel well. The answer is isolation. In this case, it will be a so-called sandwich structure, that is to say wood-insulation-wood (see the following images).

If you use an insulating material, the thickness of the paneling or boards may be smaller. The thickness of the wall thus formed must be at least 50 mm (e.g. 10 mm paneling / 30 mm insulation / 10 mm paneling).

Extruded polystyrene is the most suitable insulation for dog kennel insulation. It is a little more expensive than standard polystyrene, but mice will not build nests in this type of insulation. In addition, it offers much better thermal insulation, with the same thickness, than standard polystyrene.

Our range of insulated dog houses

Solid wood doghouse, insulated with interior partition. Small dogs (weight: 4 to 14 kg) Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Fox Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, West Highland White Terrier…


Solid wood doghouse, insulated with interior partition. Medium and large dogs (weight: 15 to 40 kg) Pit Bull Terrier, Shepherds, Malinois, Boxer, Dalmatian, Retriever, Labrador, Rottweiler…


Solid wood dog house, insulated with internal partition. For large and very large dogs (weight: more than 40 kg) Dogue, Saint-Bernard, Mastiff, Leonberg…


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