Nest boxes for the European Robin

The environment plays the main role by the Robin - it likes to nest directly on the ground...

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The environment plays the main role

The environment plays the main role in the European Robin – it likes to nest directly on the ground (usually on a slope or shore), where it builds a nest under turf or grass, between roots, in pile of branches or at ground level, for example in dense bushes. It may also nest in cavities, semi-nest boxes or tit nest boxes, but this is not common and is more of an emergency in places where the environment described above is not available.

A natural environment

Robins prefer a natural environment and the placement of nest boxes doesn’t make much sense to them. You will help it by trying to preserve a more natural landscape with uncut vegetation, shrubs or pruning piles…

Nest boxes for tits

If you want to start with nest boxes, I recommend placing the tit boxes instead – thanks to the larger number of possible inhabitants, there is also a greater chance that someone will move in soon.

Nest box for tits and other small wild birds allowing birds to take refuge during the winter and for brooding.


Nest box for blackbirds, song thrushes and other wild birds allowing birds to take refuge and for brooding. Blackbird, Wagtail and Thrush are mainly looking for a support to build their nest. The nest boxes will therefore be of the “open” type.

45 55 

Solid wood squirrel nest box. The hanging squirrel nest box is suitable as a shelter and allows small squirrels to be raised safely.


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