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Our passion
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We are proud to offering high quality products that provide secure, comfortable and durable shelter for animals.

We are passionate about pets and are committed to improving their quality of life.

Our Vision

We use our knowledge and respect for dogs and wild animals to improve their lives, and we continually enrich our products with the support of technologies, experiences of breeders and professionals.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to ensure that our friends have a comfortable and secure home, not just for a few months or years, but throughout their lives.

Our Process

Our carefully crafted products prioritize durability, safety and sustainability through premium materials and careful attention to detail. We aim to inspire and uplift customer morale with functional, elegantly designed products that stand the test of time.

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How it all began

Our Idea

When you combine a passion for nature, organic materials and affection for animals, particularly dogs, with remarkable expertise in carpentry, it leads to the creation of unique and durable pieces.

I didn't find what I wanted

Since the arrival of my dear four-legged friend in my life, I have been keen to offer him a secure and comfortable shelter for the times when I am not by his side.

However, after careful research online, I was disconcerted to find that the supply of dog houses and kennels is rather limited. The majority of products I came across were of inferior quality, made of plastic or flimsy wood. The well-crafted images initially convinced me, but upon careful inspection there were many errors and unfinished details.

“It is incredible to believe that products like this could last and provide the necessary protection for my beloved friend for years to come.”

No one of the dog houses meet my criteria

It is regrettable to note that it is difficult to find dog houses and kennels across Europe that meet my requirements in terms of quality. Although I found some options quite well done, it is always difficult not to notice certain imperfections, such as metal bars, particle boards or poor quality insulation materials…

Faced with this frustration, I decided to take it into my own hands and build my own dog house, according to my criteria. I refuse to waste time searching in vain for an ideal dog house or spending a fortune on overpriced products manufactured elsewhere which don’t deserve it.

I prefer to put my skills at the service of my pets to ensure I offer them the comfort they deserve.

The final decision

From that moment on, it became clear to me that I didn’t want to build a simple dog house, but a “home” for my pets – safe, warm, and comfortable.

This idea fascinated me so much that I decided to share this comfort not only with my dogs, but also with your pets. Of course, your dog can still sleep with you, but he will also be happy to go to his own house, just as comfortable as your bed.

Photo de profil David et Ali | Maison du Loup - L'idée
David & Ali & Tya
of Maison du Loup

Our history

Journey begins


Ali is born (Czechoslovak Wolfdog)

Al Pacino Steelmaker


Tya was adopted (German Shepherd). Injured, she found her way alone to the shelter from where we adopted her.


First attempts... When we needed a quick solution. Ali definitely wasn't thrilled with this idea.


It all started this year. Admirers of our double dog house and first orders among friends and acquaintances.

Logo de Maison du Loup, fabricant des niches et chenils pour chiens et autres produits pour animaux


The opening of our online store and the launch of a complete range of insulated dog houses.

Dog house Mini120 insulated
Dog house Medium160 insulated
Dog house Maxi180 insulated


In memory of our Adélie, we have expanded our store with a whole range of nesting boxes for wild birds.

Nest box ADELE
Nest box Owl
Squirrel nesting box
Birdhouse Common Swift
Nest box Kestrel
Nest box Blackbird


Our Minnie, found and adopted (dog breed: Paris Doberman)



We became an approved supplier to the French Republic.
The year we started shipping our products to all Europe.
The year our dear Tya closed her eyes for the last time after a long illness.

+ 19.05.2020
Hamada Z Rudého Údolí


Destiny brought us Bella (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog)
We love playing and modeling, that's why we started making luxury birdhouses.

Bird villa LUX
Bird villa
Bird cabin
Bird house
Bird castle


We have become approved suppliers to the Ministry of the Armed Forces.
This is the beginning of the reorganization of our production.

+ 03.01.2024


A very sad start to the year. Our protector, teacher and friend has left us forever.
Presentation of the new online store.

Our journey continues

...many years are still to come!

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2024, year of big changes

Dear customers, visitors to our site,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused while shopping in our online store. We are currently moving and expanding our workshop as well as updating our website to meet the huge demand from our customers.

Currently, some products are unavailable or may take longer than the stated delivery times.

We try to speed up the whole process as much as possible.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.

of Maison du Loup