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How to prepare a doghouse for winter

As soon as the temperatures approach the freezing point, we must prepare the doghouse for the arrival of winter. How to prepare the doghouse for your dog for winter should be decided when building or buying your doghouse. Above all, it must be the right size, it must be double chambered and it must have sufficient insulation.

How to Choose a Dog House - Buing Guide

Everything you should know before buying a doghouse. Do you have a dog or do you want to buy one? One of the many things you should think about is where he will have its place. Where he goes to sleep and rest? Where he goes when you are at work? Will he be protected if there is a storm or other dangers? How to choose a doghouse correctly? For these and other questions is the following article.

The best materials for dog house construction

In the article "How to Choose a Dog House - Part 1" we focused on the basic questions you should ask before buying a dog house. This article discusses the material to be used or the type of material used for the construction of the doghouse. To ensure your dog has the right conditions for a happy and healthy life read the following article.

What to do if my dog will not sleep in his new house

Dogs living outdoors need a proper environment that will allow them to fully adapt to this way of life. First, a well-designed dog house is essential to a good quality of life. The dog house must meet the specific needs of your dog depending on its size. Before buying a dog house for your pet, it is important to...

What you should know about birdhouses

Birdhouses substitute natural hollows that are constantly disappearing due to "man work". Birds are nesting, sleeping or hiding in bad weather in them. They bear their eggs there and sit on them for two or three weeks until the baby birds are hatched out. The parents are feeding them until they are able to live alone.