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For each purchase, we donate 5% of the price to help abandoned animals.

Kennels for dogs in solid wood

Prices and versions:

Each kennel is unique. Kennel production depends on many factors, your desires, dog needs, location and last but not least the standards.

To help you get at least a better idea of ​​what you can expect and how the production and assembly of kennels can cost, we have created the "standard" kennel version for the medium and large breeds (Labrador, German shepherd...).

3M + STD kennel parameters:
  • Internal dimensions: 3.40 mx 2.00 mx 2.25 - 2.35 m
  • Two open sides (mesh, distance 10 cm, zinc plated)
  • Raised roof
  • Roof panels zinc-plated iron (roof sloping red), without insulation
  • Walls - Timber 25 mm, autoclave, medium oak stain
  • The floor - plywood plate, high strength
  • The doors (distance 10 cm, zinc-plated) with standard closure

Price (VAT not applicable) with on-site assembly without delivery charges:      Price 4.500 €

Visit / appointment technician / 3D project:  Price 150 € (30 km around Poussan)

For the visit of our technician and 3D graphic project, we charge a nominal fee based on the current price list. The amount paid will be deducted from the final price of the kennel.


We offer a 5 year warranty on our products. No treatment for years needed.


About a week after the order (dog houses) and 2 - 4 weeks for the kennels, you can pick up the products from us, or we can organize the transport (free transport up to 30 km around Poussan), the rest depends on the prices of the transporters.