• Dog kennels
Kennels are not designed for the permanent stay of your pet. Kennels serve as shelter or for short stay of your animal. For a healthy and satisfying life, your dog needs a regular activity and your presence!

Kennels made of solid wood

Kennels provide your pet with a secure shelter throughout the year. With a dog house you can not offer anything better, except the place in your bed. ?

For the construction of the kennels, we have a very personal approach (custom made). There are a number of factors that have a direct impact on the happy and healthy life of your pet and especially the kennel construction.

In particular:

  • The race
  • Size
  • Sex
  • The time when your dog (dogs) should be in the kennel.
  • The size of the kennel, its location and orientation.
  • and many others.

Finally, the design of your home and your garden. The kennel is obviously a building, which is subject to the building permission (depending on the size of the building). That’s one more reason why we do not offer standardized kennels.

How it works?

First, we organize an appointment with you and our technician to visit your property. You imagine the kennel of your dreams, we design it together and if necessary, we will make some modifications.

Subsequently, we will send you during the week the offer, as well as the 3D visualization. You will then have the best image of what awaits you and you can also consider possible modifications. Your request will then be in accordance with the final offer.

After acceptance of the final offer, confirmation and payment in advance (usually the deposit is 50% of the final value) the kennel will be ready for installation at your home in 2-4 weeks. The installation takes 1-4 days (depending on the size of the kennel).

For the visit of our technician and visualization 3D graphics, we charge a nominal fee based on the current price list. The amount paid will be deducted from the final price of the kennel. 

Kennel in detail

Prices and versions:

Each kennel is unique. Kennel production depends on many factors, your desires, dog needs, location and last but not least the standards.

To help you get at least a better idea of ​​what you expect and how the production and assembly of kennels can cost, we have created the “standard” kennel version for the medium and large breed dog (labrador, german shepherd…).

Kennel 3M+ STD :

3M + STD kennel parameters:

  • Internal dimensions: 3.40 mx 2.00 mx 2.25 – 2.35 m
  • Two open sides (mesh, thickness 10 cm, zinc plated)
  • Raised roof
  • Roof panels zinc-plated iron (roof sloping red), without insulation
  • Walls – Timber 25 mm, autoclave, medium oak stain
  • The floor – plywood plate, high strength
  • The doors (mesh 10 cm thick, zinc-plated) with standard closure

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