• Our values
For each purchase, we donate 5% of the price to help the abandoned animals.

Why to choose Maison du Loup

We aim to improve the lives of dogs. Dog knowledge and respect is the foundation of the Maison du Loup ethic. We design our products as we design our life. It means that even when we think to know everything, we have to improve. We are producing our products based on our experiences and skills, so we are continually learning and looking for opportunities to make our products even better. We help ourselves with all the existing supports and technological advances, as well as the experience of the breeders. And of course our pets! 🙂
Pets make the world better!
Facilitate the life of dogs – living in households, as well as those that are abandoned.
We want to provide dogs with comfortable and secure shelter throughout their lives.
We offer a 5 year warranty on our products. No treatment for years necessary.
About a week or two after the order, you can pick up the products from us, or we can arrange transport (free transport up to 30 km around Poussan), the rest depends on the delivery rates of the transporters.
We believe that to build high quality products, we just need high quality materials. We use Douglas quality wood for construction and pine for exteriors and interiors, all treated and tinted by autoclave. Thanks to its qualities – the long-term protection against weather conditions is ensured and no treatment for years necessary. All materials used are environmentally friendly and your dog’s health. As a result, the whole interior is left untreated. Even if the materials used are not harmful to your health or that of your dog, that does not mean that he does not feel them. And we want the dog feel well at home.
All woods come from eco-certified PEFC forests and are fully valued.
All our materials are impregnated by autoclave and are CTB-B + certified. The woods come from eco-certified PEFC forests. Our BMR and BLC structures products are CE certified and BMA products are CTB-AB certified.
We focus on quality. First of all, we want all our products to perform their function for years. In addition, we do not want someone or your dog to get hurt. To protect corners or entrance we do not use iron plates or rods or other metals. It is better to replace the pieces of wood if your dog bites them than to take him to the vet! The only metal that is used in manufacturing, are the nails and screws, which are also hidden so that your dog does not come into contact with them.
If you are very demanding and want the maximum for your dog, we build the custom house for your dog.