• At the beginning, it was an idea...

The Idea

"What will happens when you combine the love of nature, natural materials and the love of animals, especially dogs and the enthusiasm to woodworking?"

The "Maison du Loup" is born.

(The House of the wolf)

From the first moment, it was clear that I was not going to build an ordinary dog house, but the "home" for my dogs - secure, warm and comfortable. Indeed, at all times, every living creature in the world, wants to own its own house.

This idea fascinated me so much that I decided to bring this comfort not only to my dogs, but also to your pets. Of course, your dog will be able to continue sleeping with you, but he will be also happy to go to his dog house, just as comfortable as your bed. 🙂

Poussan, 1. 5. 2016

David Zeman et Ali, constructers

David avec Ali

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