• Dog house in details

Isolated roof

The roof is composed of 15 mm water-repellent plywood, covered with heat-resistant bituminous shingles and bordered with a treated wood profile, then 36 mm thick of polystyrene covered with wood paneling of 11 mm. All constituting excellent insulation against cold, heat and humidity.

Insulated walls and floor

The walls and the floor of an ep. 73 mm are composed on the outside of a solid pine (22 mm thick) treated A / B (PEFC) grade paneling, 35 mm thick of polystyrene covered with natural fir paneling ( 15 mm). All is excellent insulation.


For a perfect and quick cleaning of the interior without disassembling the dog house.

Raised entrance

To increase the protection against cold air from the ground inside.

Inner partition

The interior partition creates an airlock that protects your dog from direct airflow and offers a well insulated and secure sleeping area.

Why an interior partition? Observe the small polystyrene balls to the right and to the left and see what the wind is doing with it.

Dog house elevation

For better insulation of the dog house against moisture and easier maintenance around.

Ventilation system

Your niche is equipped with a ventilation system. It is possible during the very hot summer days to slightly open the roof and improve the ventilation of the dog house. In case of rain, your dog will always be protected.