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Kennel in detail

Isolated roofFor the choice of a roof, it is recommended to use in this case an insulated roof, because during the summer months, the sun can heat the metal roof and there … it may “heat up” Roof structure: inclined atypical Roofing options: tiles bitumen shingles metal panels and insulated metal panels Raised roofDuring the…


Kennels made of solid wood Kennels provide your pet with a secure shelter throughout the year. With a dog house you can not offer anything better, except the place in your bed. ? For the construction of the kennels, we have a very personal approach (custom made). There are a number of factors that have a…

Dimensions intérieures de la niche pour chien Mini120 en bois massif avec cloison intérieure de fabricant Maison du Loup

Dog house in detail

Isolated roofThe roof is composed of 15 mm water-repellent plywood, covered with heat-resistant bituminous shingles and bordered with a treated wood profile, then 36 mm thick of polystyrene covered with wood paneling of 11 mm. All constituting excellent insulation against cold, heat and humidity. Insulated walls and floorThe walls and the floor of an ep.…