Nest box for the European Robin
(Erithacus rubecula)

Photo par Pierre Selim

Photo par Pierre Selim

The environment plays the main role for the Robin: it likes to nest directly on the ground (usually on a slope or a shore), where it builds a nest under turf or grass, between roots, in pile of branches or low to the ground, for example in dense bushes. It may also nest in cavities, semi-nest boxes or tit nest boxes, but this is not common and is more of an emergency in places where the environment described above is not available. Robin prefers a natural environment and the placement of nesting boxes does not make much sense to him. You’ll help it by trying to maintain a more natural landscape with uncut vegetation, pruning shrubs or piles and the like.

If you want to start with nesting boxes, I recommend that you place the nesting boxes for the tits instead – thanks to the greater number of inhabitants, there is also a greater chance that someone will move there soon.

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