The "Alpha" myth - Wolf principles of leadership

Did you know that nowadays it has already been proven that in the wild nature the wolves' pack does not follow only the largest, the strongest or the most courageous individual, meaning "alpha" male or alpha female?

I was surprised by this information, so I started to search. What I learned was not only interesting but it also pleased me. Wolves are closer to us - humans than we think. They live in communities that we could compare to our families. According to their specific abilities, other members of the wolves’ pack can temporarily become leaders in certain situations. In their home territory, it may be even young wolf. For the pack of wolves are experiences or a specific skill important.

The leadership position has nothing to do with aggression

Therefore, according to his capabilities, at a given moment, another member of the wolves’ pack can take decision and his decision is accepted by all. Wolves - leaders, decide in particularly dangerous situations based on their experience and thus assume responsibility for the safety of their wolves’ pack. Fascinating is that these "powerful" wolves do not need to dominate over someone, as they are natural authorities and therefore the leadership position has nothing to do with aggression. By creating a natural respect, the leader can set the limits for example by direct eye contact, growling, or putting himself in the way of another wolf or group of wolves.

Leaders must have social intelligence

Among wolves living in the wild nature, male or female wolves leaders must have not only mental strength but also social intelligence, otherwise they would not be accepted by the whole wolves’ pack. Wolves who have a higher position in the wolves' pack are striving to maintain harmony, friendship and cohesion within the wolves' pack.

So tell me, don’t we have to learn something from wolves? 🙂

This post was inspired by Elli H. Radinger's book "Wisdom of wolves".

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  1. Pineranian -

    Dogs are descended from wolves. Wolves live in hierarchical packs in which the aggressive alpha male rules over everyone else. Therefore, humans need to dominate their pet dogs to get them to behave.

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